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Inbound Email Processing

Is your email inbox overloaded?

Our answering services are a great way to cover your business phone calls, but what about clients that are trying to contact you via email? Who is servicing those individuals’ needs when you are not in the office or too busy to get to your computer? In today’s competitive business market, immediate customer service response is imperative. Whether clients or potential clients contact you via phone or email, they should not be expected to wait for a response nor will they. Just as we process your after-hours phone calls, we can also reply to your inbound emails using custom protocols which you specify. By integrating our Inbound Email Processing service with our answering services, you can provide a level of customer service beyond expectations.

How does Inbound Email Processing work?

We will provide you with a unique AnswerFirst email address. All you need to do is set up your customer service email inquiries to copy us at the email address provided. You can set your protocols such that we handle all of your inbound emails 24/7 , or during business hours, we can setup your account to simply ignore these inquiries while your staff is in-house handling them. After-hours, instead of those emails sitting and waiting until morning, we can reply for you using the protocols you put into place. We can even follow up with outbound phone calls (if necessary) to satisfy requests. Whether handling replies to simple customer service requests or assigning IT support alerts to your after-hours on call technician, we’ve got you covered.

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