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Business Answering Services

Can Your Business Benefit From Using An Answering Service?

Our live answering service is useful to you when:
  • your office is unattended like during the weekend or after-hours
  • your main line is engaged and callers can’t get through
  • there has been a natural disaster or an unannounced issue with the telephone or power infrastructures in your area
  • you wish to work undisturbed
  • you have high call volume or need to cover high call periods
  • you are short-staffed due to employees calling in or being unable to get to work on time

Professional U.S. Based Customer Service Agents Available 24/7/365

Our customer service team is based in Tampa, FL (we don’t use overseas staff) and our call center is fully operational 24/7/365 so that our customer service agents are ready and waiting to handle all of your business calls at any time of day or night. We deliver your messages via phone, email, text message, fax or pager. You can also choose multiple options for message delivery or you can retrieve your messages via our secure online portal, Client Web Access. CWA has many features including providing you with the ability to listen to your calls in real-time, anytime. Screen all of your calls without our discretion!  We believe offering this free online transparency enables you to feel confident we are handling your business your way.

One Simple Rate Plan That Works For All Businesses

Our Simple Rate Plan means that you pay as you go only for what you use (no unused calls or minutes). We bill in true one second increments (no 1 minute rounding) and we only charge you for live operator time when our customer service representatives actually answer your phone calls. This rate structure provides the highest level of motivation to answer your calls quickly and professionally.

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